The Office of Student Affairs

The UPOU Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is committed to provide appropriate student services to our unique set of students in the distance education setting. Structurally, the office is under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs. The Office is mandated to provide information, advice, and guidance to prospective and current students regarding their psychosocial, financial, emotional and academic needs and concerns when studying in distance education mode.
Specifically, in order to fulfill its mandate, the UPOU OSA shall have the following functions:
  1. Provide support for sustainable and meaningful learning in the distance education mode;
  2. Connect the students, socially and academically, in order to create a nurturing learning community;
  3. Provide financial assistance to students through scholarships, loans, and other forms of financial assistance;
  4. Provide assistance and support to student activities and organization concerns;
  5. Facilitate and assist students in participating in international programs aligned with their program of study at the university.
  6. Assist students with special needs and those coping with risks and affected by disasters and crises.
  7. Manage the university’s Learning and Testing Centers.

OSA is comprised of five programs such as:

The Scholarships and Financial Services Program will provide assistance for all scholarship and financial concerns. This program shall be responsible for the following:

1. Recommend and implement policies and guidelines on scholarships and financial assistance programs.
2. Manage private and government scholarships
3. Coordinate student loans and assistantships
4. Generate resources for university’s Scholarship and Financial Assistance program.

The Learning Hubs and Testing Centers Development and Management Program shall provide the university’s physical presence in strategic areas where students can go to utilize services that are not necessarily delivered online e.g. sit-down exams. OSA will also be responsible in identifying additional Testing Centers, whenever necessary, as well as ensuring that accredited facilities serving as the University’s Learning Hubs and Testing Centers meet the standard of assuring the integrity of the exam/assessment process. Under this program is the Examination Services.

The Student Organizations and Activities Program shall support UPOU student activities that promote academic development and social well-being. This program shall have the following concerns relating to:

1. Planning and Organizing programs and activities that promote student welfare and develop student competencies in the distance mode.
2. Coordinating and overseeing student activities
3. Creating, implementing and reviewing the policies and guidelines regarding student organizations and units

The Counselling and Guidance Program has the fundamental task of cultivating a well-rounded student to be effective learners and contributing members of the school community. This program shall have the following concerns relating to:

1. Providing guidance for academic support and planning in an online environment (this includes student orientation)
2. Providing counselling for social-emotional support in an online environment
3. Planning and organizing programs and activities for career guidance and professional development.

The Student Accessibility Program shall provide support for international students, inclusion of differently abled student, and assistance to students coping with risk and those affected by disasters and crises. The program shall ensure that all of UPOU’s web services comply with the current Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.